Embedded Linux Hardening and Firmware Security

While the process of implementing an embedded system is often within reach for numerous use cases, imbuing its design with a strong emphasis on security presents a distinct challenge. In this comprehensive training program, participants will not only gain insight into the nuances of embedded systems but also delve into the intricate realm of secure design practices.

Our aim is to equip attendees with an in-depth understanding of common pitfalls that can compromise security and to empower them with the knowledge needed to circumvent such issues effectively. Through a series of illustrative examples, we will not just introduce various hardening and debugging methods, but we will also elucidate their practical applications, ensuring that participants leave with not only theoretical knowledge but also the practical skills to implement secure embedded systems.


  • User authentication and administrator access
  • Bootloader lock down
  • Network security
  • Lock down of network services
  • Update policy
  • Serial port access
  • Secure/trusted boot
  • Secret storage
  • Userspace hardening
  • Kernel hardening
  • Sandboxing using different methods: seccomp, namespaces, resource control
  • Collecting core files
  • GDB Tutorial
  • Remote debugging with GDB
  • Defensive and secure programming guidelines
  • Catching kernel logs
  • Analyzing kernel errors/crashes
  • Watchdog best practices


Are your trainings also available in German?

Ja, wir sprechen auch Deutsch.

Do I need a specific training platform to take part in a training?

No, you don't need to worry about anything. Sigma star gmbh provides the training platform, and you will receive access to it.

Do I get the training material afterwards?

Sure! All presented material will be available to attendees after the session.

Do you also offer in-house trainings?

Yes, we provide in-house workshops for our custom trainings. They are available upon request: Contact us to book your in-house session.

How big is the group per training?

The training is limited to 10 persons. Larger trainings are available upon request.

What timezone will the training be conducted in?

Our base timezone is CET; however, we can arrange customized training slots to align with your specific time zone upon request.

The answer you were looking for is not in the list?
Feel free to write us anytime an E-Mail: trainings@sigma-star.at.
We’ll be happy to assist you.






1 Day


EUR 999,– per attendee




On Demand

This training is also available upon request.

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