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Our passion for Open Source and cryptography brought us to work in security and engineering for numerous companies during the past decades. Find out what we can get done for you.



Let’s take a closer look.

IT without security is unthinkable. No matter where your software runs, be it in a tiny microchip or in some large server cluster: At some point you have to deal with software security. That’s where we come in: Security is and has always been an integral part of our work. So, let’s test your system - we are here to support you!

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Security Assessments

Audits, Pentration testing, Cryptography Reviews

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Security Engineering

Security-related software design and development

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Research & Consulting

Security-related trainings, Prototype development, Protocol selection/design


Custom solutions for your system

No matter which stage your project is in: we are here to support you. Thanks to our continuous engagement in open source we are always up-to-date about current development. This way we don’t have to reinvent the wheel but are able to provide efficient and accurate solutions.

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Systems engineering

Board-support-packages (BSP), Linux Kernel, bootloader development, driver development

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Security Engineering

Security-related software design and development

Penguin tries to help a robot by typing into a laptop which is connected to the robot.

Troubleshooting / Problem analysis

Kernel debugging, performance analysis, Filesystem analysis


We love to share our knowledge.

That’s why we provide dedicated in-house workshops on a variety of topics; be it additional to our other offers or as a standalone service. Sure, we do lectures, but mainly as booked speakers. In our experience individually designed workshops are the key to success. Your engineering team lacks some knowledge or skills we can provide? Get in touch!

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Code analysis, Threat modeling, Firmware analysis, Linux security, Security hardening

2 penguins work with a soldering iron on a little board with cubes.


Secure coding, Embedded systems, Board-support-packages, Linux kernel development, Security hardware

2 penguins are analyzing a dead bug which lies in front of them.

Troubleshooting / Debugging

Filesystem forensics, Post-mortem analysis

Time to team up

Some of our customers hire us because they are stuck, others lack the manpower to fulfill their engineering ambitions. Some are looking for a long term security strategy, others need to find that one bug. No matter what the issues are, we try to get to the bottom of it. In our opinion the best way to do this involves getting to know you and your team and work out the best solutions together.
Finding out what really works sometimes leads to unexpected places.
Let’s team up and get things done!

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